Party at Northpoint


The Party On Top event was a smash hit with the college students in Rexburg, ID on September 16, 2016, on top of the North Point Apartments’ parking garage. +1.2K people came to have a good time with the talent and skill of DJ AndX, DJ Suspense, and DJ MJ.

North Point apartments set up a red carpet entrance for attendees, and the line to go up to the party went out the door and around the block. Elevator valets we’re in charge of controlling the flow of partygoers in and out of the building. It was good thing to because these college students were coming by the dozens, eagerly waiting to hit the dance floor.

At the party there were contests on Instagram and SnapChat. Our sponsors, Cricket Wireless and North Point awarded prizes to the two lucky winners. One of the partygoers received an Xbox One from North Point, while another received a  TV from Cricket Wireless.

The Cocoa Bean treated attendants with free cupcake bites, while Papa John’s served pizza by the slice with water and pop.

All in all the people who came had a blast dancing and enjoyed the chemistry of the DJ’s, stage crew, and sponsors making it one memorable Friday night. Honorable mentions go to Epic Sound Productions, North Point Apartments, Cricket Wireless, Papa John's Pizza, The Cocoa Bean, and our very own DJ Andx for making this possible. You can check out the Party On Top video footage in the link down below.

Check out the VIDEO - by I-Flight Studios